Words Matter.

And these days, everyone and their Macbook can throw words on a Google Doc and call themselves a writer.

But when hundreds of thousands of new words are published online every day… when managers and recruiters are sifting through hundreds of resumes for a single position… when everyone is constantly scrolling past messages by the second…

You can’t just slap some sentences together and hope they stand out.

You need someone who knows their way around the English language. Someone who’s been fiercely scribbling down ideas since she was six. Someone who cares about both substance and style, and combining the two in a way that grabs the right attention.

If you want seriously good writing, you need more than a seriously good writer. You need somebody who can deliver the right message to your audience so that you get what you want out of the words representing you, your brand, and/or your publication.

And if you want to save yourself some time finding the perfect prose to achieve your goals…

You might need me.