Writer, Speaker, Actor, Alone-in-my-car-Rapper… but you can call me Meag.

I’m a salty Atlantic Canadian millennial, destined to question the status quo so we can all build something better together.

Placing words in pleasing and persuading ways? Getting in front of people and talking? Those are my jams.

My undergrad years were full of twists and turns: I’ve taken an intro course in practically everything. After starting out as a pharmacy student, almost a decade later I graduated top of my class with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Along the way I’ve racked up over 16 years in the service industry. I can say (low-balling it) that I’ve interacted with well over 100,000 people in my life so far: all kinds of people, all kinds of situations. When I write or speak, all those interactions, experiences, ideas, and viewpoints give me a strong voice on the page or stage.

When you give me a goal for a piece of writing? My brain draws on three decades’ of life and learning to define the creative problem. Then, guided by your goal, I relish in crafting a creative solution that strategically communicates your message clearly and persuasively. (Despite how jargony it sounds, it’s what I do.)

Because I’ll never stop absorbing the world around me, reading with an insatiable appetite, thinking constantly about language…

And a brain like that – like mine?
Has a never-ending hunger for new challenges.