Memorial Students Rejected a Bad Proposal, Not a U-Pass Program | The Independent | March 2019

Resumes Don’t Have Right Answers | Journal | October 2018

One Tip for Handling Your First Month as a University Student | Education | October 2017

Looking for a Job? 3 Ways to Entice Employers to Open Your Emails | Journal | August 2017

“What happened to the Memorial Beothuks?” | The Muse | February 2017

“Paying tuition via credit card: Students’ grace period disappears while convenience fees remain” | The Muse | January 2017

“Indigenous Resilience: Applying a Model of Psychological Resilience to Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse | Annual Atlantic Undergraduate English Conference | March 2016


Stand-Up Comedy Performer | Punch Up Comedy Biweekly Open Mic | March 2019 – Ongoing

“Introduction” & “My Angry Vagina” | The Vagina Monologues (V-Day St. John’s) | February 2019

“Wear and Say” & “My Short Skirt” | The Vagina Monologues (V-Day St. John’s) | February 2018

Role: Caesonia | Caligula (48 Months of Finasteride) | September 2017

Workshop Presenter: “How to Write Your Member of Parliament” | FemFestNL 2.0 | August 2017

Presenter: “How to Hack Your Education” | Memorial Student Leadership Conference | January 2017

Emcee, MUN Winter Welcome Opening Ceremony | Memorial University of Newfoundland | January 2017

Volunteer Assistant Training Facilitator | Student Volunteer Bureau (Memorial University & MUNSU) | 2016-2017

Guest Speaker: “Volunteering: The Best Career Exploration Tool Ever” | ArtsWorks Program (Memorial University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) | 2016-2017

Guest Speaker: “Getting Involved and Volunteering” | Student Orientation (Memorial University ESL Program) | 2016-2017

Guest Speaker: “Making the Most of Your Volunteering” | Student Volunteer Training (Memorial University Welcome Week) | September 2016

Role: Ismene | Antigonick (Memorial University Department of English) | March 2016

Presenter: “How to Game Your Education” | MOMENTUM Leadership Program (MUN Student Life) | March 2016

Reader, Three Original Poems | English 3901 Class Poetry Reading (Memorial University Department of English) | December 2015

Role: Envy | The Tragedy of That Guy Named Sid (Dalhousie Theatre Society 4-Play Festival) | January 2011


(Copywriter at m5 marketing communications, 2017-2018)


A Rare Find, Provincial Government Brand for External Audiences | Client: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Executive Council

*Website Strategy & Development; Web Videos; Print Ads; Brand Assets; Digital & Social Media Ads

*Click to see: Brand Video | Campaign Website

Tap Your Potential, Community Initiative Communications Program | Client: Fortis Inc

*Concept Development; Website Design & Development including Library of Video Content (100+ Video Clips Under 3 Min.); Launch Video Scripting & Creative Direction Assistance; Social Media Ads; Campaign Assets; Ongoing Social Media Content

*Click to see: Launch Video | :30 TV Spot | Campaign Website

Invest in Our Kids, Public Awareness Campaign | Client: Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association

*Research & Concept Development; Website Strategy & Development; Video Scripting & Production Support; Social Media Ads; Campaign Assets; Ongoing Social Media Content

*Click to see: President’s Message | Campaign Video | Campaign Website | :30 Shareable, Health | :30 Shareable, Class Size

Teachers Changes Lives, Public-Facing Brand Campaign | Client: Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association

*Video Planning & Development for Phase 2 of Campaign; Casting & Production Support; Digital & Social Media Ads; User-Generated Content Ad; Campaign Assets; Ongoing Social Media Content

*Click to see: Maike’s Story | Megan’s Story | Micah’s Story | Silpa’s Story | Campaign Website

More Full-Time RNs Can Save a Lot (Phase 1), Public Awareness Campaign | Client: Registered Nurses’ Union – Newfoundland and Labrador

*Concept Development; TV Production Planning & Support; Campaign Launch Video Scripting; Digital & Social Media Ads; Campaign Assets

*Click to see: President’s Message | :30 TV Spot | :15 TV/Web Video (One of Four) | RN Interview Video (One of Three)

More Full-Time RNs Can Save a Lot (Phase 2), Public Education Campaign | Client: Registered Nurses’ Union – Newfoundland and Labrador

*Concept Development; Copywriting & Creative Direction for Suite of Five Infographics; Facebook Live Video Prep; Social Media Ads

*Click to see: Facebook Live Video (March 29) | Facebook Live Video (April 5)

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians Deserve Better Auto Insurance, Public Awareness Campaign | Client: Insurance Bureau of Canada

*Concept Development; Print Ads; Web Assets; Digital & Social Media Ads

*Click to see: Campaign Website | Black & White Print Ad (PDF)

Take Control of Your Life, Recruitment Campaign | Client: New Hampshire State Department of Corrections

*Concept Development; Website Strategy & Content Development; Recruitment Video Planning & Post-Production Support; Digital & Social Media Ads; Campaign Assets

*Click to see: Campaign Website | Campaign Video | Recruitment Video (One of 12+)

Small Enough to Make a Big Difference (Phase 2), Brand Awareness Campaign | Client: Members First Credit Union

*Concept Development; Digital & Social Media Ads; Web & Digital Assets; In-Branch Assets; Retail Product Ad Templates

*Click to see: Checking Account Brochure | Mortgage Brochure


Monthly, One-Time, and Special Retail Promotions | Client: Hickman Automotive Group | Mediums: Radio, Print, Email, Web/Digital, Social Media

*Click to see: Hickman Pays Your Tuition Scholarship Contest Promotion

Patriarchy Got Me Drove Membership Drive Campaign Assets | Client: St. John’s Status of Women Council | Mediums: Web/Digital, Social Media, Promotional Materials (including the Patriarchy Got Me Drove T-Shirt)

*Click to see: Campaign Media Coverage

Rockin’ Big Give Fundraiser Marketing Campaign Assets | Client: Smiling Land Foundation | Mediums: Web/Digital, Social Media, Event Collateral

*Click to see: Thank You Video | Globe & Mail Print Ad

Black Tie Bingo Annual Fundraiser Assets | Client: Boys & Girls Clubs of St. John’s | Mediums: Creative Concept, Event Collateral

*Click to see: Sponsorship Package | Event Program

Corporate Assets for Refreshed Brand | Client: Pennecon Limited | Mediums: Video, Printed Brand Materials (Brochure, Stickers, etc)

*Click to see: Corporate Brochure

Various Ads, Corporate Videos, & Other Assets | Client: Fortis Inc. | Mediums: Video, Print, Web/Digital, Social Media, Event & Brand Collateral

*Click to see: Corporate Video | Sustainability Video | Corporate Brochure | The Fortis Energy Exchange Agenda | Investor Relations Magazine Ad

Various Assets (Agency of Record 2015-2018) | Client: Plymouth State University | Mediums: Video, Animation, Radio, Print, Web/Digital, Social Media, Brand Collateral

*Click to see: Animated Web Ad – Parent Audience | Animated Web Ad – Student Audience | Clusters Approach Animated Video

Brand Video Concept Development and Production | Client: Woodstock Inn Brewery | Mediums: Video

*Click to see: Brand Video

Monthly Blog Content Development | Client: Urban Tree Service | Mediums: Web

*Click to see: August 2018 | September 2018

Suite of Emails and Social Media Posts for Yield Campaign | Client: Keene State College | Mediums: Suite of 15+ Targeted Emails & Social Media Posts

*Campaign Results: Highest-ever yield (7% higher than ever before) and highest-ever attendance at Admitted Student Days; growth in a core target group, growth in average incoming class GPA, and growth in student retention after 30 days.